Hula Hoop Dance

Hula Hoop Dancing, also known as Hooping, is a combination of dancing and hula hooping, where the dancer rotates the hoop on all parts of their body, not just the waist like with traditional hula hooping. Hoop dance artists incorporate many difference dance styles into their routines, including rhythmic gymnastics, hip-hop, freestyle dance, fire dance, twirling, and more.

Hula Hoop Dancing can help build strength, muscle tone, balance, and flexibility. A 30 minute hooping workout burns around 200 calories.


Christine's teaching technique has much to offer both the beginner and advanced hooper.  Classes are mixed level.  Her authentic love of the Flow Arts shines through in her teaching enthusiasm as she shares her advanced experience and polished style.

Leader - Christine Sakos

Hoop Dance Instructor