Piper Hill Dance began its journey in November of 2012, opening its doors for the first time in January of 2013.  Located in a private setting within the rolling hills of Bucks County surrounded by farm fields and wildlife, we have grown to offer several diverse styles of dance and full body movement entwined with music of many different cultures of the world.

     Owned and operated by Sharon Scott, Piper Hill Dance was created to provide a positive and nurturing place for those who love music and dance and have a desire to escape life's every day stresses. 

      Sharon's inspiration was born of her own experience and training with renowned belly dancer, choreographer, producer and instructor, Kim Leary  of New Jersey.

     Sharon's innate love of music and dance was impassioned by the natural and feminine elegance of Middle Eastern Dance, or Raks al Sharqi.  Through her continued training, the empowerment of the freedom she felt in the music and dance restored her inner spirit.  If only for one hour a week, no outside worries were permitted to occupy her mind or body while on the dance floor.  What a fantastic way to relieve stress!  Coupled with a "Yes, you can" atmosphere, disallowing any words of self negativity or criticism, her personal level of self esteem grew to a transformative level.

     Piper Hill Dance was created to share the experience with others and has captured the same nurturing and encouraging atmosphere. 

     The physical and mental benefits of dance are numerous, from improving balance and coordination to reducing blood pressure and more.  Creating lasting and treasured friendships is a fantastic bonus.

     Along the journey, Sharon launched a new business relationship with Belly Dancing Direct of the United Kingdom.  Piper Hill Dance is the home of Belly Stockings ™ U.S. and is the U.S. and Canada sales and distributor for  Belly Stockings ™, offering the world's largest selection of body stockings for dance and performance.  View the varieties of shades, colors and styles of bellystockings at our US  website www.bellystockings.us.  Troupe orders and wholesale purchases are welcome, too.